Grade 4-6 Camp
We managed to jam pack a lot of adventures into our three day camp. A huge thank you to Mrs Hughes, Kim Rowden and Alisha for helping transport, supervise and ensure everyone was safe throughout the camp.
Thank you also to Jimanick for our lovely meal on Wednesday evening and Mrs Tirchett for our BBQ on Thursday evening.
Finally thank you to all the students for their tremendous behaviour, great manners, sense of connectedness, tolerance and sense of fun. I’m sure there was something for everyone over the last three days.

HMAS and Science Excursion
We travelled by car to Williamstown (thanks Kate, Anita, Mrs Hughes and Mr T for driving us). We Visited HMAS Castlemaine and learnt about the Covette uses in WW2. We then travelled to Science Work and explored the Sports Lab and the Think Big sensory discovery.

School Production
This year we had a whole school productions of Hansel and Gretel and Sammy.... We held in outside the BER Building and Parents and Grandparents enjoyed the sunshine while watching the play. The lead roles were fantastic and our magical forest came alive for many songs and dances.

Gr 6 Responsibility Day
Our grade 6's did and amazing job being teachers for half the day.

Grade 6 Fun Day
Grade 6's celebrated their second last day of Primary School by playing Mini Golf, eating subway for lunch and visiting Tree Adventure for 2 hours of high ropes climbing.

Family Picnic
To celebrate the end of the year our school held a Family picnic evening on the last day of term
Santa and the Silvan CFA made an appearance.