Coronavirus Update

From the Department of Eductation and Training:  Passing on updates from the department of Education regarding the coronavirus situation and how it impacts our school. Today we had to cancel our scheduled excursions in line with the advice coming from the education department.

We are ensuring that we have soap, antibactirial wipes and sanitizer at school and showing the students good habits to adopt given the current situation. Below you can read the most up to date advice around school closures and excursions. Also attached (click the hyoerlink) you will find some attachments regarding ‘Reduce your risk of coronavirus ‘ and ‘Statement on School Closures in Victoria’ from the Department of Health and Human Services


No government school is currently closed or in the process of being closed. You will be informed directly if there is any prospect that your school will be closed, either as a stand-alone school closure or as part of a local or area-based closure. You will then be provided with detailed advice, a step-by-step guide and communication resources to support you through that process.



All camps scheduled to commence from and including Tuesday 17 March must be postponed and rescheduled, or, if there is no other option, cancelled. If you have a camp scheduled to commence tomorrow and are able to cancel it, it is recommended that you do so. Otherwise, no camps can commence from Tuesday 17 March.


For the purposes of excursions, a school excursion is defined to include local parks and sporting facilities regularly used by the school, including local swimming pools.


All excursions outside the school for purposes such as visits to cultural institutions, art galleries, theatres and sporting events or facilities (other than those local facilities regularly used by the school) planned from and including Tuesday 17 March must also be postponed or cancelled. Like camps, if excursions planned for Monday 16 March can be cancelled, it is recommended that you do so.


An exception to this is Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) students attending a prescribed theatre performance for VCE Theatre Studies where the audience will be less than 500 people.


This does not include student and staff travel between campuses of the same school. It also does not include travel by individual staff or small groups of staff to professional development events.


Keep safe.

Damian Tirchett

Principal Silvan Primary