State School 1801 was registered on October 14, 1876.


A portable schoolroom and teacher's quarters were finished on October 24, 1876 and 22 children started school. The schoolground area was 5 acres.


On November 26, 1888 there were 46 children enrolled at South Wandin (as Silvan Primary was then known as) with an average daily attendance of 30.


The new school was finished on September 15, 1908.


In 1947 the residence was built.


The northeast corner of the school ground was set aside for a wildflower santuary in conjunction with the Native Plants Preservation Society in 1954. 


In 1959 potato and strawberry plots were planted and experimental work carried out. 

A new room, a store and staff room were added in 1961 and the school was re-classified with 110 pupils.

In 2011 extensive works have added a new entrance to the school, a new building and renovation of the residence into a home economics/dining/canteen building.


The establishment of the frog bog began in 2016 and was completed in 2017.