Silvan Primary School has a long enduring history, forged back in 1876.

Local families have benefited from the services that the school and it's staff have delivered, helping to foster mature and community minded young people ready for their next stage in life.

We are always happy to hear from past families and students, and encourage engagement with the current cohort progressing through the school.



What was your time like at Silvan Primary School? 

How did it prepare you for the years to come? 

Would you like to share your life journey in the years after Silvan Primary School?

Please contact our team via email to share your story. We look forward to your contribution.


Would you like to Help?

There are many ways to reconnect and help Silvan Primary School:

  • Volunteer - working bees and clean ups, property maintenance, and more ways to help
  • Donate - as with any school, we are always appreciative of financial donations to help off set the cost of excursions, equipment and special projects. If you can - please contribute today.
  • Spread The Word - Help us to increase our student numbers by commending and recommending our special educational environment. Share our events on social media and take part in them too!